Solana Bear Gang


SBG is a collection of bears living in Solana blockchain.

Holding a bear grants you access to the gang and perks that will be unlocked over time.

The team behind SBG is focused on building a win-win ecosystem for every member that joins us on this journey, and this means that holders will be getting a real bang for their buck. If you think SBG is just a pixel bear, you're dead wrong.

The Mission

Roadmap 2.3


  • Prepare SBG art for mintage with candy machine.
  • Open website and discord server.
  • Build SBG Community.
  • Initiate Whitelisting and Promotions.


  • Private mint for whitelisters and reward early supporters.
  • Public Mint.


  • Market integration by listing SBG on main secondary markets, Solsea and Magiceden.
  • Activate Virtual Floor Pool mechanism.


  • Make an in-house rarity checker directly on solanabeargang website.
  • Make an in-house Verify Holders tool (replace use of third party Grape).


  • Produce and run the 1st Bear Madness event.
  • Develop and launch Missions private Alpha (Staking).
  • Detail deflationary tokenomics and launch $BERRY $BERRY (Token).


  • Launch Missions public Beta (Staking).
  • Virtual Floor lift.
  • Implement Royalties and Community Wallet.
  • Holder's decisions on SBG proposals.


  • Produce and run the 2nd Bear Madness event.
  • New SBG roles with recurring prizes.
  • Discord integration with external utility tools.
  • Creation and production of new collection: DENS (new NFT that can be bought with $BERRY $BERRY).
  • Online shop to enable trading $BERRY $BERRY or SOL for SBG items.


  • SBG Treasure Chest mission reward.
  • SBG Dens on-chain trait update.


  • SBG XP System (Raid to Earn, Play to Earn, etc).
  • Increase SOL drops for SBG Treasure Chest missions.
  • Develop and launch Alpha "racing game".


  • Game Alpha testing phase.
  • Launch Beta version of "racing game" with Holder's input from Alpha phase.
  • Implement revenue share portals for SBG Holders and Partners.
  • Rumble Racers main launch & partnership marketing. ONGOING


  • Rumble Racers live fine-tuning. ONGOING
  • Rumble Racers Duels.
  • RumbleRacers Lower Tier rooms.
  • Rumble Racers Specials. NEW
  • Missions: Claim All/Send All. NEW

Additional Items:

  • Online leaderboard for Missions.
  • NFT rewards top 20 spotlight page (for treasures).
  • Additional traits for SBG Dens.


  • Merchandise. ONGOING
  • Solana onboarding: Landing page and QR code integration.


  • Roadmap is subject to change, mainly due to Holder's input. 🙂
Solana Bear Gang
Play free missions and win token, NFT and SOL prizes
Stack tokens and trade for customizable Den NFTs
Gaming Platform:
Bet and Race against other players to win SOL
Earn revenue share for each of yours Bears

The Team

Solana Bear Gang was founded by two friends who were determined to build and launch a new NFT structure based on awesome pixel bear art.

Luckily the artist descended from the skies to turn this dream into reality, and another two bear loonies joined us to put this show on the road.

  • Barlow Barlow Co-founder, entrepreneur, project manager and way too serious.
  • Grilo Grilo Co-founder, head developer, sysadmin and beermonger.
  • Elmiria Elmiria Marketing, community manager and animal lover that asks too many questions.
  • Rhagnar Rhagnar Consultant, game development advisor and the one that lurks in the shadows.
  • Bswides Bswides Moderator, innovator, your friendly neighborhood nerd.
  • Antalm Antalm Community Manager, the dreamer who never sleeps.


  • How many SBG will there be and how many can I mint?

    The first generation of SBG has 888 bears and they were all already minted, you can find them on popular marketplaces (MagicEden and Solsea).

    Follow us on Twitter and/or Discord to find out when generation 2 will come out!

  • What are the royalties for SBG?

    We've set royalties for SBG on a low 5% to ensure frictionless trading.

  • Is there Grape integration and DAO planned for SBG?

    SBG has created our own Holder's verification tool so there is no need for Grape or Matrica third party integrations. All the major decisions on how to allocate community funds will be proposed and voted by SBG Holders.

  • Will the Virtual Floor mechanism work forever?

    The Virtual Floor was a temporary mechanism engaged after Public Mint that ensured recurring sweeps on secondary markets at a predetermined and public price which greatly reduced minters risk and incentivized a raising Floor Price.

    The mechanism was removed on Stage 6 of roadmap, with the launch of Missions/Staking.

  • Do you really want to keep adding value to SBG ecosystem and reward SBG original holders?

    Yes, we have a lot of ideas in the oven but, if you have any to add, please let the team know on discord!

  • Where can we be seen?!

    NFT Sol Calendar Logo NFT Desire Logo HowRareIs Logo NFT Calendar Logo Solaland HQ Logo NFT Drops Calendar Logo NFT Evening Logo Next Drop Logo Next NFT Drop Logo Notfin Logo