SBG Validator

Secure Solana network with us and earn rewards!

What is a Validator?

A validator helps validate transactions to maintain the integrity of the blockchain. By staking your SOL with our validator you:

  • Help decentralise and secure the network.
  • Earn rewards for doing so.

Why stake with the SBG Validator?

  • By staking with us you doing one of the safest investments in Solana, getting high returns and contributing to SBG community, as any additional rewards will fully flow back to SBG members, in some way.

Is Staking Solana Safe?

  • Staking your SOL is done in a non-custodial way, which means that it is as safe as simply holding SOL in your wallet.
  • You retain complete control over your tokens while they are staked, and you can even unstake your funds whenever you choose.

Can you lose money from staking on Solana?

  • No, it's not possible to lose any of your Solana tokens by staking on the network. Solana has been very careful to produce a staking platform where you maintain complete custody of your funds. The validators you delegate to have no way of accessing your stake account or transferring it elsewhere. There is currently no slashing on the network either, meaning you will never withdraw less Solana from your staking account than you put in.

APY: 6.79% (subject to change) Identity: 8tw4e29txix1jX4vq4oBL9oEL675XzSsGAKYm1UG81s1 Vote Account: UVxJgkAkEiu5wqpR8JkBsF6yV3CPMfPivk8nUpCDKw6